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We undertakes Mini Projects ad Main Projects for BSc Computer Science, BSc Information Technology, BCA, MCA, B.Tech Computer Science, B.Tech Information Technology. We also handles IEEE papers.

The user can plan and decorate the event according to his requirement, needs and budget. For example if user want to plan a birthday party and no of guest invited are 50.He will decorate the event using event items like flowers, chairs, lights, etc and can get the estimated cost and virtual view of the event.

The objective of this application is to automate the details of transportation (pick and drop) services provided by an organization to its employees and to manage the related information in a convenient manner. The purpose is to design a system that allows one to manage the relevant information.

Academic Project management is a major issue which is faced by many educational institutes in India, the main reason for this is there is no automated system followed in any institute. College management/staff gathers all the project reports and project sources from students and store them physically in some locations probably libraries. To overcome this practical problem and also to make the process easy we developed a secured intranet application which is useful for each and every institute. 

The factors, which determine the availability of agricultural products at the local level (farm, village), are environmental conditions and management. The environment includes biophysical factors (climate, soil, pests, land available), while management encompasses the decisions taken by farmers themselves.

District Collector Office system is the system useful for all citizens which interact with various civilian applications. Here web portal is use for various online application forms. Here web portal is in centralizing state and civilian is using it around of them. The online interaction of district collector and citizen is done in easy form then the effort of citizen is reduce. The problem of in traditional way of district collector office is modified in online application.

Encryption of data plays a vital role in the real time environment to keep the data out of reach of unauthorized people, such that it is not altered and tampered. But sending the large amount of data through the network is also takes lot of time. The File Splitter is software, which tries to alter the originality of the text into some encrypted form and split the encrypted file into user specified size. Then the splitted files can easily send through the network in very less time.

In real world, data security plays an important role where confidentiality, authentication, integrity, non repudiation are given importance. The universal technique for providing confidentiality of transmitted data is cryptography. This paper provides a technique to encrypt the data using a key involving Armstrong numbers and colors as the password. Three set of keys are used to provide secure data transmission with the colors acting as vital security element thereby providing authentication.

Video data hiding is still an important research topic due to the design complexities involved. We propose a new video data hiding method that makes use of erasure correction capability of Repeat Accumulate codes and superiority of Forbidden Zone Data Hiding. Selective embedding is utilized in the proposed method to determine host signal samples suitable for data hiding. This method also contains a temporal synchronization scheme in order to withstand frame drop and insert attacks. The proposed framework is tested by typical broadcast material against MPEG-2, H.264 compression, frame-rate conversion attacks, as well as other well-known video data hiding methods. The decoding error values are reported for typical system parameters. The simulation results indicate that the framework can be successfully utilized in video data hiding applications.

The Health Prediction system is an end user support and online consultation project. Here we propose a system that allows users to get instant guidance on their health issues through an intelligent health care system online. The system is fed with various symptoms and the disease/illness associated with those systems. The system allows user to share their symptoms and issues.

The proposed system consists of two phases. At the sender side, the input secret image generates the four meaningless shares based on GAS algorithm is done in the first phase. In the second phase, the cover images are added in each shares directly by using stamping algorithm and distributed the embedded images to the participants. At the receiver side, the embedded images can be processed to extract the covering images from the generated shares and the secret images can be retrieved by overlapping the shares in the correct order. The password authentication is also provided at both the sender and receiver side. The proposed system provides high security, increase in the number of shares and reduce the pixel expansion problem and high resolution to visualize the secret image.

User access to the most computer systems is secured through possession of a login ID and password combination. Once the login details have been exposed, an unauthorized user has complete access to the computer system. This paper focuses on a powerful authentication system that captures the typing style of a user and detects the change of user based on the typing pattern.

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